Valentine's Day Shopping Easier With Ship7!

Deciding on Valentine Day’s gift might be a challenge for you. Make this challenge easier with online shopping since thousands of choices from popular brands may be the best option for Valentine’s Day’s gift. Enjoy shopping from the US and the UK popular brands wherever you are. Ship7 is here to help you to receive packages safe and fast. When you choose the best gift for your valentine, all you need to do is give them your Ship7 address. Ship7 will deliver your package to your doorstep safely and on time.

Valentine's Day Shopping Easier With Ship7!
Valentine's Day Shopping Easier With Ship7!

Tax-Free Shopping On Valentine's Day

Ship7 is your best friend in the USA! Once you sign up with Ship7, you can immediately enjoy online shopping without paying sale taxes! Make your shopping experience even better with Ship7 Tax-Free shopping option. Avoid US taxes and shop more with your savings!

Ship7 provides consolidation service for free to make you save more on international shipping. All you have to do is getting your Ship7 address for free and start online shopping.

Tax-Free Shopping On Valentine's Day
Tax-Free Shopping On Valentine's Day



Get your FREE Ship7 address to start shopping from your favorite retailers USA, UK and Turkey


Shop from your Favorite Stores and Ship7 will bring your orders to your doorstep


  • Free USA, UK and Turkey addresses
  • Free 15-day storage
  • Free Package Receiving
  • Free Handling
  • Free Insurance Service up to $100
  • Free Pictures of packages recieved
  • Free Shipment Consolidation
  • Online Tracking of Your Shipments
  • Responsive Customer Service & Assistance
  • Up to 80% discount for shipping services
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Shopping Benefits

Ship7 offers tax-free address for cost saving.


  • No US Sales Tax
  • Access to all USA,UK and TR based retailers
  • Shopping assistance
  • Return handling
  • Sales & Coupons notifications

Shipping Benefits

Ship7 is here for a hassle-free shipping experience.


  • No hidden fee
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Freight option for oversize items
  • Multi-carrier options
  • Free insurance service up to $100

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