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Shipping Terms

Last updated: 5/1/2021

You acknowledge and agree that domestic and international carriage by Ship7 of any shipments tendered to Ship7 through the Website will be governed by the terms, conditions and limitations of liability set out in the applicable terms and conditions, which are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by reference.

For more information about or shipping terms, please read below.

  1. Receiving Service
    We will in good faith receive packages delivered to your Ship7 address. We will notify you when they are received, advise you of the actual cost of duties, taxes and international shipping/handling, and seek your instructions for shipping or storage of the packages. We will not accept parcels or packages delivered on a COD (Cash On Delivery) basis. You are the only person authorized to pay for and release the shipment, including releasing any packages addressed to your friends or family members. The delivery address must be in the same country as the country where you are located; you cannot ship packages to individuals in any other country. Also, the payment must be via a card or payment method issued in the same country where you are located.
  2. Loss or Damage of Products
    Ship7 will not be liable for products lost or damaged in transit from the merchant to any of the Ship7 facilities. We reserve the right to refuse delivery if, upon inspection of the outside of the package, it is obvious that the product is damaged or incomplete. In such a case, we will return the product to the sender and will notify you.
  3. Inspection of Packages
    Ship7 has the right (upon receipt, during storage, or in preparing for export shipment) to open and inspect any package, or part thereof, for security purposes and to verify compliance with export and import laws and to confirm the product description and other information you supply, without prior notice and without liability to you. However we have no duty or responsibility to inspect packages for non-obvious damage or breakage, and we do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of product descriptions and other information provided by you.If we discover that the description of the contents of the package or other information you supply is not accurate, then, depending on the specific situation, we may request you to provide additional documentation about the contents and/or their value, or we may refuse to ship it (you will be notified),or we may correct the information.
  4. No Mail Accepted
    Ship7 will only process packages and envelopes containing items you have purchased. We are not a mail forwarding agency, and we do not and cannot ship documents or other mail to you. Any mail or packages addressed to you that do not contain items of value will be destroyed. You may not use your Ship7 address for any purpose other than receiving packages containing products you have ordered from merchants. Using your Ship7 address as a contact address for any entity or establishment will be evaluated as an infringement of the Terms of Service.
  5. Unidentified Recipients
    Occasionally we receive packages where the appropriate recipient cannot be identified, e.g., the customer name and/or the suite address may be missing or mis-stated. If you have ordered a product and there is an unusual delay in receiving notification from Ship7 that there is a package waiting for you, you should contact Customer Service and describe the product you are expecting so that we can inspect unidentified packages and see if yours is there.Additional handling fees in identifying the recipient may apply if your package was incorrectly or inadequately addressed.
  6. Unidentified Package Owner
    Any goods received at our facility for which an owner cannot be determined (after we have made reasonable investigative efforts) will be held for 90 days. If they remain unclaimed after 90 days, Ship7 will have the right to dispose of them in any manner permitted under applicable law.
  7. Terms of Carriage
    When you request packages to be shipped, and you have paid the total cost specified on the Website form, any country-specific customs or import fees, and any applicable handling charges and storage costs (which may differ from the estimate given using the Shipping Cost Calculator); Ship7 will arrange international shipment to any country listed as a serviceable on our website and deliver the packages to the delivery address you specify.Ship7 can combine, merge, split, and under certain circumstances change the packaging of your merchandise based on country specific regulations, airline safety issues or any kind of convenience for international shipping. Therefore, you consent Ship7 to make the necessary packing arrangements for your parcels, in order to optimize their delivery to your international address.
  8. Customs & Duty Charges
    Ship7 may pre-calculate and charge you for the customs and duty charges only for destination countries that our system has a dedicated EDI (electronic data interchange) integration. For all other destination countries, you may be charged for the relevant customs and duty charges by the local authorities or local delivery company.
  9. Import & Export Terms
    You appoint Ship7 to act as your agent to manage all export, import and customs clearance procedures and to ensure that customs duties and taxes are paid to the relevant customs and tax authorities. Ship7 will perform these functions based on the information you provide and, accordingly, Ship7 will not be responsible or liable for any additional duties or taxes that are assessed if the information you provide to us is inaccurate or incorrect.
  10. Content Descriptions
    An accurate description of the contents of your package, and its value, is necessary for compliance with export and import laws. To help reduce the incidence of errors, we will frequently request a copy of the merchant’s invoice or order confirmation establishing the price paid for your goods. However, you are solely responsible for the correctness and accuracy of all information you provide to Ship7 regarding the contents of your package and the value. You agree to indemnify and hold Ship7 harmless from any liability for any under-declaration of value or other misrepresentations you might make. You acknowledge that:
  11. Inspections
    a) Packages may be inspected at any time by export and import authorities. Packages with misleading product descriptions or under-declared valuations may be delayed by the relevant Customs authorities, who may dispute and correct the declaration – in which case, you might possibly have to pay additional duty, fines or penalties.
  12. Disputes
    b) Assuming you have provided accurate information for the customs declaration and Customs does not dispute the value, the amount of tax and duty actually charged by your country’s Customs authority may differ from the amount you paid us. Here’s why:
  13. Declared Value Corrections
    – Tax and duty are based on the “dutiable value” of the goods. We calculate the tax and duty as accurately as we can, after your package is inspected, weighed and measured, and ready for dispatch at our export facility. You pay us those calculated amounts of tax and duty, along with our shipping charge, when you release your shipment. Your Ship7 invoice includes a breakdown of the shipping charge, tax, and duty.
  14. Actual vs Estimated Duty & Tax Amounts
    – We arrange payment of the duty and tax to local Customs authorities on your behalf. The actual tax and duty paid sometimes turns out to be higher or lower than the amount we calculated, for a number of reasons. For example, the Customs authority in your country may assign your goods a different customs code from the one we used; or Customs may (for whatever reason) use a different formula to calculate the duty; or the calculation may be affected by a change in currency exchange rates between the time of our calculation and the time the tax and duty is paid to Customs authorities. In such situations, you will not receive a refund or be charged extra for the difference; this is due to the administrative time and costs that such arrangements would require.
  15. Shipping Cost Estimates
    International shipping and handling charges generated by our Shipping Cost Calculator are estimates only. The Shipping Cost Calculator’s estimate may differ from the final shipping charges which can only be determined once we have received the package at your Ship7 address.
  16. Responsibilities for Actual Charges
    You are responsible for payment of all actual international shipping and handling charges, even if they differ from the original estimated cost.
  17. Volumetric (Dimensional) Weight
    Volumetric weight may apply on bulky, lightweight packages. Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying height by width and length in inches and dividing by the current divider ratio stated on the shipping page.
  18. Clearance and Other Fees
    Your final cost will include any applicable country-specific government-mandated clearance fees in addition to duty, tax, shipping, and fuel surcharges if applicable.