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How Ship7 Works?
Shop online get delivered worldwide

How Ship7 Works

1.Get Your USA, UK & TR Addresses

Sign up with Ship7 and receive your free USA, UK & TR addresses immediately. Once you registered Ship7, you will have your own suite in our warehouse.
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2- Start Online Shopping From USA, UK & TR

Shop online from multiple online retailers and take advantage of great deals of top US, UK & TR brands. Use your Ship7 shipping addresses when you checkout. We will notify you when we received your packages at our warehouse. If a store doesn’t accept your credit card, use our ShopForMe service.
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3-Receiving Your Packages  

Once we receive your packages, we will consolidate your packages into one box and ship them to your home address. Save up to 80% thanks to free consolidation service. Avoid unnecessary dimensional weight with repacking service and save even more with Ship7.
Receive your packages

4- Shipping Your Packages Home

We will send your packages to your location with the carrier method you choose from a variety of our trustworthy partners. Once packages your leave Ship7, packages will be delivered as little as 2-4 days worldwide.
Get your packages delivered
Even the stores don’t offer international shipping; now, you can shop online from US, UK & TR  stores with Ship7. Get your own USA, UK & TR addresses to receive packages from retailers and ship via Ship7. Shop freely; we’ll consolidate your packages and ship them to your doorstep with the best shipping rates and carriers! Join thousands of satisfied customers and save money by shopping from the USA, UK & TR. Avoid taxes to save more with our Delaware warehouse! Enjoy tax-free shopping with Ship7.