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Benefits of Ship7

Shipping Benefits

Save big on shipping with different carriers, and enjoy industry-leading service, great customer service and on-time processing with Ship7.
  • Affordable shipping rates internationally
    You can save up to 80% on a regular shipment with Ship7 competitive shipping rates.
  • Consolidation on multiple packages
    You can shop from all different stores you want. We will consolidate and ship your packages.
  • Free Membership
    All the features are free with Ship7. why would you pay a fee for membership?
  • Free Storage
    you can store your packages with Ship7 free up to 7 days!
  • Free Insurance
    shipping can be a concern if you don't have a strong partner. ship7 offers insurance up to $100 for free to make sure your package arrives safe.
  • Freight Option
    shopping is fun but sometimes the bags are not enough! ship7 is here for your oversize items.
  • Order Tracking
    you can track your package online to see how close it is getting to your doorstep.

Shopping Benefits

Enjoy big savings while shopping from different brands you love! Your favorite stores are one-click away with Ship7!
  • No Sales Tax
    You can enjoy TAX-FREE shopping from all the brands you love!
  • Shopping Assistance
    Shopping assistance tool will provide you for your ShopForMe orders.
  • Return Handling
    You can return the items with Ship7 if you like. Ship7 makes sure to provide you the pictures of your packages so that you can decide to return or not.
  • Coupons & Discounts
    Saving is a must! Ship7 makes your shopping easier and fun! You can enjoy free discount emails and use the coupons on your favorite stores online.
  • Free Inspection
    you don't need to worry about the fraud! ship7 will inspect all packages and all items in your boxes to make sure you receive what you pay for.
  • Access to US, UK & Turkey retail stores
    you can enjoy shopping from the online stores in different countries. Ship7 provides you a free address from each country with one click.
  • Personalized Product Recommendations
    Ship7 knows what you like! You can get emails for the products you follow and you shop most! It will keep you updated for all discounts on your preferred category.

Why SHIP7?

Our ultimate goal is to make international shipping easier for online shoppers. We are improving our service to become the first package forwarding service in the market. We are here to fulfill our valued customers' expectations with every box! Our passion is providing the best service while providing a responsive customer service, low shipping rates, reliability, and integrity. We work hard everyday to enhance your shopping limits! You shop, we will make sure to deliver to your doorstep!
Why Ship7?