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Shop from Apple Ship Internationally

Shop from Apple Ship Internationally

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Ship7- shopping from apple

Enjoy the quality of technology and shop from Apple. Catch the latest version of their products and feel the difference with their premium design. Are you living outside of the US and want to shop from Apple? Enjoy shopping from Apple with a lot of option, and you don't even have to live in the USA. After you register with Ship7, you will get your US address immediately and shop tax-free from Apple with Ship7.

Ship7 Features

With Ship7 You Can Have Free Membership!, Free Consolidation, Free 60 Days Storage!, Free Photos of Received Packages!, Free Customer Support!

  • Best Prices in the Market
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Fast Package Processing (1-2 hours)
  • FREE photos of the incoming packages!
  • FREE 60 days storage!
  • FREE Consolidation!
  • Secure packing for the safety of your items
  • Excellent customer support
  • Various payment methods for your needs
  • Multiple budget and express carriers

Ship7 provides the ultimate quality services and lowest shipping charges with trusted partnerships. You can simply sign up and make your dream products arrive somewhere without any problem. Registration on Ship7 is entirely FREE. Ship7 is the best package forwarder service to deliver your product with low shipping coasts at any corner of the world. You can now shop endlessly and get your favorite brands delivered home. Our customer service is here for you 24/7 in case if you need any help. Ship7 is your best friend in the USA & UK enjoys shopping freely from online stores. You shop, we ship!

'Shop For Me' Personal Shopper

Some stores don't accept orders directly to our warehouses, so that you can avoid this problem with our 'Shop For Me' service. Apple is one of the stores that refuse to ship to addresses associated with international package forwarding companies. But you don't need to worry; you can still shop from the USA & UK freely with Ship7!

Our 'Shop for me' service is here for you! Ship7 lets you to shop from not only the stores that do not ship out to the package forwarding companies, but also the stores that do not accept your card. We can buy on your behalf and send your package to your door with the best shipping rates. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Submit a ticket and give the URL of the product you want at the description part!

2. Pay the order and let us buy from your favorite stores on your behalf.

3. Enjoy shopping with Ship7 from the stores that do not accept your card.

How to Request 'Shop For Me' Service

1. Let us know what you want!

Log in to your Ship7 account and go to the ‘Help Center’ to submit a ticket, and don’t forget to select ‘Shop For Me Request’ as a classification. Make sure that you shared the correct URL of the goods you want to buy. Give us as many details as possible for the goods you would like purchasing, such as item description, size, color, product code, quantity, and a direct website link to the goods you want to buy.

2. We will buy on your behalf

If you have some valid vouchers/discount coupons, don’t forget to add to the description so we can use them. Pay the order with the money at your Ship7 balance or other payment methods. After we check product availability and pricing, we will purchase it for you. Once we order your goods, we will notify you and share your orders’ invoice.

3. Check your ‘ My Mailbox’

When you received your purchases at our warehouse, you will be able to check them under your account ‘my mailbox.’ Check your item at your suite after we receive it and ship whenever you want. Select the proper carrier for you and sit back while waiting for your packages to be delivered to your door!

Since our 'Shop for me' service will directly buy the products, your order will go through without fail. Your 'Personal shopper' will buy your items for you using a US credit card. Once your item arrives at our warehouse, you can ask us to hold on to it and repack your packages. Don't forget that we are your best friend in the USA & UK. Our shopping assistants who can help you with your orders will be with you.

How Much Will It Cost to Ship a Package from the USA or UK to Your Door?

Check our calculator to learn how much it will cost to ship a package from the USA or UK to your country. Order easily from different retailers and let Ship7 handle your shipping process and save up to 80% by consolidating several parcels into one shipment.

Shop Freely, Ship Smartly with Ship7. Sign up now to get your free USA & UK addresses.

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No credit card required
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