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Introducing Ship7's new look!

We have been hard at work over the past few months to make the Ship7 process even better and you can see it all now on Ship7's new website. All of these changes have been implemented purposely so that the way that you use Ship7 for your shopping and shipping experience hasn't changed but hopefully should be even easier to use.

Thank you for choosing Ship7! We are glad to be a part of your shopping journey!

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Importance of Customer Satisfaction in Ecommerce

Customer satisfaction is the mantra of success of your ecommerce business. Establishing the initial contact with a new customer is the tough ask. Unless you satisfy the customer query, it is difficult to break the ice.Customer behavior is difficult to predict. The customers ask difficult questions and patience is the key. Therefore, the key is to engage the customer in a positive interaction, thus opening window of opportunity to boost your sales. The customer care employees should be good listeners.TrainingWhen you are promoting your products and services online, dealing with difficult customers becomes a routine affair. You can either record the telephone or mobile phone conversations or get chat transcripts of the live chat. Then you can segregate best and the worst conversations and further organize training sessions with your customer care team using both. You can create case studies from these transcripts and make part of your training programs and impart training to your customer care and sales force to serve better.Once you have an engaged customer base, you will start getting regular feedback. If you do course correction and improve upon these aspects your sales will grow.

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Customer recovery Studies have corroborated that previous patrons can add more value to grow your business in contrast with the newly acquired customers. Instead of spending more time in marketing your business to new patrons, it is therefore, imperative that reviving the ties with your existing customers yield more result. When you have a set of satisfied customers, you also will have a list of them who had bad experience in the past. If you genuinely contact them, understand their concerns and help solve the issues, chances are great that you will be able to handle the next situation in a much smoother manner.Motivating employeesIf you motivate your employees on handling difficult customers and increasing the customer satisfaction, the battle is half one. Naturally, the motivated employees will try to convince the customers about the superiority of your products and services, thus enhancing the customer satisfaction like never before. The more positive interaction your employees will have with these agitated customers, the number of dissatisfied customers will come down.Enhanced business operationsThose businesses which grow faster are the ones that take regular feedback from the customer support team. Your operational procedures can be tweaked with the feedback you get from your customers. This might sound cumbersome to start with, once you make it a practice, this would bring in more success.Customer referrals Studies reveal that a referral has 16% higher lifetime value and costs less to acquire in comparison with a non-referral. At a time when your sales are closing and your clients are less demanding, that is the time the referrals work the best. If you are able to offer a better customer experience by walking that extra mile, you will make a productive referral out of each of your patron. You need to consider each customer interaction as a referral opportunity and this translates into more business.Gaining competitive advantageThe guest columnist at Wall Street Journal, Irving Wladawsky-Berger once wrote that a firm can differentiate itself from others in two ways. The first way is to provide enriched customer experience. The second way is to trigger a price war by selling lowest prices. Needless to say, the best business practice is to stick to the first way of offering enhanced customer experience.Real time conversationsReal time conversation with your customers is the hallmark of your business growth. As the general tendency is to reach out to the customer within 24 hours after the query and if you choose to interact with your customer at your convenient time might as well have a negative impact on your business. Technologies like 'click to call' facility should be there on your website, along with 'call to action' buttons. The end result will see the increase of your sales.

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How to Buy a Laptop Internationally

Purchasing new devices is always overwhelming, and it brings many confusing thoughts. When you get to consider so many options and have to choose one of them, you might feel helpless and end up buying the wrong product for you.