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Best International Shipping Rate

Local parcel delivery involves no such troubles that cross-border shipping has. When shipping overseas, ecommerce stores sometimes fail to deliver the parcels in the best form on time. Moreover, the cost of overseas shipping may vary depending on the dimensions of the package. But most importantly cost of international shipping depends on the shipping methods that most courier services offer. This guide will help you find the factors that affect the international shipping rate and where to find the best international shipping rate

Different Types of International Shipping Explained:

There are three methods by which you can get your parcel delivered to you from an international seller. These delivery methods are different from each other and have their pros and cons. 

Air Shipping:

The fastest delivery method for overseas customers is air shipping. Air freight is the best option for express delivery because the shipping won't be affected by the traffic on the road. People use this method to deliver their items within two or three days or less. Mostly business documents, pharmaceutical products, and emergency deliveries are delivered through this method because they need to reach the destination as soon as possible. 

Being the fastest international shipping method, it is also the most costly delivery method. Also, the limited space in the Air cargo allows your parcel reaches you in the best form. 

Sea Shipping:

Sea shipping is the best option when you have to ship products in bulk because shipping cargo has a vast space for the bulk to be carried to other countries. Compared to air shipping, sea cargo can deliver bigger parcels that may include heavy machinery, industry tools, and bigger electronic appliances that can't be safely delivered by any other shipping method. Bigger items like cars, furniture, and bulk orders for retailers are the passengers of sea cargo. 

Talking about the cost of international shipping via sea cargo, it is a moderate method offering not too high nor too low shipping charges. The charges vary significantly depending on how big the product is. But one thing that makes it questionable is the speed of delivery. Shipping by sea can take up to months to deliver your products. So, it is a good option for people who don't have to deal with time constraints. 

Land Shipping:

Companies use trucks and heavy traffic vehicles to deliver parcels via land. Land freights are often late due to the traffic on the roads. Land shipping is preferred by sellers who want to send large commercial shipments that cargo airlines don't accept. There are two additional terms that you must know about land shipping. 

  • FTL (Full truck loads)
  • LTL (Less-than-full truck loads)

In FTL, you pay for the entire truck filling while shipping it overseas. The best thing about FTL is that you can have a truck all for yourself without excessive stops between the logistic hubs for delivering shipments. With all these perks, FTL has the drawback of not giving the cheapest international shipping rate

In LTL, you only have to pay for the space your stuff has reserved in the truck. LTL is the most cost-effective shipment process for overseas delivery. It offers the cheapest international shipping rate because it has to stop at different logistic hubs to deliver the parcels to various destinations. On the other hand, LTL may be late in delivery because of the truckloads and traffic. Also, you will have to wait for the delivery to start until the truck is filled up with other consignments. 

Where to Get the Best International Shipping Cost?

Finding the best shipping partner to deliver your products overseas is tricky. But following the instructions below, you can bypass the troubles you may have to face when choosing an unauthentic and unprofessional courier service provider. 

  • The first thing you must do while choosing a parcel delivery service is to check for users' reviews online. The more positive reviews depict the company's high performance. Checking the reviews may cost you a lot of time, but doing it is worth it. 
  • Checking their delivery methods can also help you estimate the cost of international shipping. 
  • Before signing up with a parcel delivery service, make sure to know about all the hidden charges to avoid regrets. 
  • Always look for a company that provides express delivery services at the best international shipping rate after comparing multiple options available in the market. 

You should look no further because Ship7 has all the pros that are necessary ingredients for making an incredible parcel delivery service. Shop from your favorite brands in the UK, USA, and Turkey, and leave the shipping to Ship7!

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