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Avail Heavy Discounts from 8,000 items at Nordstrom's Half Year Sales

Many e-commerce websites offer discounts periodically, but in Nordstrom, throughout the year the sale is brisk. Yet, occasionally, the online major do offer Half Yearly Sale with a fair amount of discount, where you tend to go on a shopping binge!According to a report, Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale is not like when you convince your older brother - the one with the new baby, who just moved out the 'burbs - to come out to the bar: it doesn't happen often, so when it does, you go big.'The retail giant’s latest edition, which runs through June 3, doesn’t disappoint, says the report, as there are almost 8,000 (not a misprint!) shirts, shorts, suits, shoes and other non-S-word items on deck with prices slashed by up to 40%. The publication took the liberty of scrolling through page after endless page to find 15 favorites for the public perusal and pleasure. And, unlike those nights out with your brother, you won’t have a single regret when you wake up tomorrow morning, assures the report.

Ship 7

Items GaloreLet us take a look at the umpteen numbers of items for you to choose from. The Bonobos slim fit floral cotton blend sports coat, which is priced at $500 is up for grabs with 40% discount. Hypothetically, imagine, when can't do without wearing a blazer when it's inferno out on the road, there isn't you can do about it. Rather, if you wear this partially-lined cotton joint, it would do wonders! You also have Tomorrowlad stripe wool and linen pants, originally priced at $380, which you will get it now at the Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale at 40%. It is also a bold statement, corroborating that pleated pants can, in fact, feel kinda punk!Eidos Napoli Ragosta field jacket is available with a discount of 40% from the original price tag of $1,195. This ultra-luxe-y, dashingly Italian field jacket makes the perfect vacation outwear. What is more, it is rugged enough to wear on a motorcycle, elegant enough to replace a sportcoat at the dinner table. The 1901 Merrick Derby, carrying a price tag of $110 is now available with 40% off. You have got all winter to wear black leather oxfords to work and the make the summer count in a pair of mustard yellow bucks. The Topman color block polo, priced at $45 is now available with 40% discount. This polo is cut so razor slim that it will show off muscles you didn't know you had!Also, the Belstaff Melford slim fit jeans worth $275 are up for grabs with 40% off. The reinforced knees are both practical - Belstaff comes from a storied motorcycling tradition, after all - and a solid way of spicing up white jeans sans going completely off the rails. For seeing and shopping in numerous items, visit for Nordstrom's Half Year Sales, but hold on...leave the shipping to us. We, at Ship7 help you ship your goods worldwide