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Introducing Ship7's new look!

We have been hard at work over the past few months to make the Ship7 process even better and you can see it all now on Ship7's new website. All of these changes have been implemented purposely so that the way that you use Ship7 for your shopping and shipping experience hasn't changed but hopefully should be even easier to use.

Thank you for choosing Ship7! We are glad to be a part of your shopping journey!

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10 Tips To Retain Your Customers

Retaining customers is the biggest goal for any business. Whether it is online or offline, ensuring that customers are satisfied is a critical long-term success. Even a tiny change in customer retention can down rush a business system and multiply over time. The result will affect long-term profits and growth should not be underestimated. Studies from U.S. chamber of commerce have found that getting new customers will cost as much as five to seven times more than retaining existing customers.The following 10 tips to retain your customers are as follows:Engage and respond to the customer - Most of the online businesses today have a number of channels for communicating with customers. Email, facebook, and twitter are common but the number of channels is growing all time. The easiest that you can do to retain your customer is adopting a scheme in your company that no customer engagement is ignored.

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Extraordinary customer services - The never ending perusal of excellence to keep customers so satisfied that they will tell others how they were treated when doing business with you. Extraordinary services build prosperity in repeated customers, whereas poor service will drive your customers to your competition.Measure lifetime value - When you recognize how much profit a customer represents to your business, when they purchase from you again and again, over the months, you will realize the critical importance of taking good care of your customers. When you realize that how much time, effort and expense you can afford to invest in retaining customers, you will be in control of your marketing expenditure.Go above and beyond - Going that extra mile for your customer is an easy way to build strong relationships. Pay attention to what your customers want and make their issues your issues. Priorities potential issues and fix them before they create a problem. These are a couple of ways you can go that extra mile for your clients. When your customers know that you can go above and beyond for them, they will never leave you in spite of your competitor knocking their door.Consistently communicate - Reach to your customers on the regular basis. Customers want to hear about new products, services, discounts or events.Product or service integrity - Long term success, customer retention and customers delight belong to those who do not practice shortcuts to business. Customers will be attracted to you if you are open and honest with them, care for them, don’t let them down and practice what you preach and they will avoid you if you don’t.

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Make use of automation - Companies that leverage automation is able to minimize downtime and able to keep clients network performing at their best. By using optimized automated tools and segregating repeatable processes, companies have a better chance to meet their commitments.Say thank you - Customers like appreciation when they spend money with you. There is a variety of ways to say thank you. If you have an online store you can include a thank you note when you fulfill a product. You can also send a separate thank you email message.Get customer feedback- Asking for feedback about a customer’s experience or product quality shows that you are engaged in business and looking for ways to improve. You will get valuable feedback to help you to make improvements to your business.Highlight a customer experience - Showcasing one of your customers in your store, in a re-tweet can garner great engagement. Everyone likes a little attention paid to them.By following these tips you can retain 90% of your customers. Customers are important for a business to thrive!

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How to Buy a Laptop Internationally

Purchasing new devices is always overwhelming, and it brings many confusing thoughts. When you get to consider so many options and have to choose one of them, you might feel helpless and end up buying the wrong product for you.