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Welcome to Ship7's New Web App Interface

Welcome to New Web App Interface

We hope you're aware that we have recently upgraded our website, and the user interface has been changed. We hope you like our new interface. You can contact our customer service team if you need help navigating the new interface.

We have revised our warehouse request rates considering the increase in market value for the labor and material cost. Still, it's not a Major difference.

For NJ & DE Packages - Repacking Charges $ 5 for the first box and $ 3 for each additional box (Earlier, it was $2).

You will see a separate transportation cost to bring your packages from Delaware to New Jersey, $ 5 (Per Package); this isn't new. You were paying these transportation charges along with the shipping charges; for more transparency, we have shown the split up of Delaware transportation costs separately.

  • Split Request for each Piece - $ 5
  • Bubble Wrap for each Request - $ 5
  • Add a Zip Bag for each Piece – $ 2
  • Add Fragile Sticker for each Request - $ 3
  • Add Team Lift Sticker for each Request - $ 2
  • Add Wrapping Paper for each Request - $ 5
  • Keep Original Product Boxes (Free)
  • Remove Price Tags (Free)
  • Remove All Product boxes for each Piece - $ 1
  • Shrink for each Piece – $ 2
  • Strengthen Packaging for each Piece - $ 5

Don't hesitate to contact us with queries regarding the new rates; we are happy to assist you.

If you have questions about this notification, please open a ticket on our Support Portal.

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