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Introducing Ship7's new look!

We have been hard at work over the past few months to make the Ship7 process even better and you can see it all now on Ship7's new website. All of these changes have been implemented purposely so that the way that you use Ship7 for your shopping and shipping experience hasn't changed but hopefully should be even easier to use.

Thank you for choosing Ship7! We are glad to be a part of your shopping journey!

Introducing Ship7's new look! Read More

How to Shop from the US to the UK with Ship7?

Wanna shop from the US online stores but doesn't know how to do it? Keep reading! The first step is becoming a Ship7 member and getting your virtual US shipping address. Sign up to start buying what you want from US online stores.

How to Ship to the UK?

If you want to shop from US & UK online stores and ship to the UK, follow the steps below. It is easier than you thought! All you need to do is signing up with Ship7, shop online, and using your Ship7 address at checkout! Ship7 handles the rest. Sit back and enjoy while waiting for your packages. You don’t worry about shipping costs with Ship7.

  1. Sign Up with Ship7 Sign up with Ship7 and get free USA, UK, and Turkish addresses instantly.
  2. Shop Shop freely from US, UK, and Turkish online stores. Use your Ship7 address at checkout.
  3. Ship and Save Choose the carrier and pay the shipping cost. Ship delivers to your door in the UK.

How Much Does It Cost to Send Packages to the UK?

It depends on the parameters like weights, dimensions of your package, and the carrier you chose. You can simply calculate your shipping cost with Ship7 Calculator and avoid risks and surprises! Duties and taxes are not included in your Ship7 shipping costs, and customers are responsible for paying any charges due upon delivery.

Do I Have to Pay Tax and Duty for the UK?

Some countries have a “de minimis value”, where you don’t have to pay taxes on imported items that fall below that value. The UK does not have a de minimis value. This means you will have to pay taxes and duties on your entire shipment.

Why Ship7?

Shipping directly from more than one store is expensive! It will cost you way too much if you try to ship at them individually via trusted carriers. Ship7 offers the lowest shipping rates thanks to a huge amount of packages sent every day! Ship7 repacks your packages and ships them to you anywhere in the world, saving you up to 80% of the shipping costs.

Why do you spend too much to ship from the USA to the UK? Ship7 helps you to save on international shipping. Unlike other parcel-forwarding companies that charge extremely expensive for shipping, handling, storage, and repacking but Ship7 offers affordable pricing and good handling.

  • FREE USA, UK, and Turkish Shipment Addresses

Sign up with Ship7 and get your FREE addresses. You will be able to shop from US, UK, and Turkish online stores with your shipment addresses.

  • FREE Membership

There are no membership fees at Ship7. All members can enjoy great Ship7 features and enjoy being a part of Ship7.

  • Trusted Shipping Partners

Ship7 offers the lowest shipping rates in the industry for most of the destinations. You can always get the lower rates at Ship7 than you ship by yourself. 

  • Tax-Free Shipping Address

One of the Ship7 US warehouses is in Delaware, one of the tax-free states in the USA! That helps you to shop without US taxes!

  • FREE photos of your packages

Ship7 uploads the pictures of your packages under your account for you to check and confirm.

  • Repacking/Merging Service

Ship7 repacks (bundle) multiple packages into one box. Repacking service lets, you save from unnecessary empty spaces and items from each box. Combining your packages into one helps you to decrease the weight and size of the shipment. 

  • Lowest Shipping Rates

Ship7 offers the lowest shipping rates in the industry for most of the destinations. You can always get the lower rates at Ship7 than you ship by yourself. 

  • 60 Days of FREE Storage

You can collect your packages at your suite for FREE during your FREE storage. Don't rush; shop hassle-free and ship whenever you want.

  • No Hidden Fees

The good thing is at Ship7; you won't be charged anything unexpectedly at Ship7. Nearly all additional services are FREE, or very prices are very reasonable.

  • FREE Consolidation

Ship7 can send your packages at the same under the same tracking number for FREE.

  • Responsive Customer Service

Ship7 customer service is here for you whenever you want! You can always create a ticket from Ship7 Help Center.

  • Fast Delivery

Depending on the area and company, average transit times to ship from the USA to he UK can be as short as three days.

Ship7 Offers the Cheapest International Shipping From the US to he UK

There are many things to buy from US online stores that are cheaper than the shop from the UK local stores. Millions of people shop from US online stores and take advantage of huge US sales the whole year. You don’t have to live in the US to be able to shop from US stores. Buy everything from US online stores, and lets Ship7 handle the rest!
Ship7 is the cheapest way to ship from the USA to the UK! Even though there are a lot of alternative companies, Ship7 is the most convenient one! Since many US stores don’t ship directly to the UK, you need a packages forwarder to receive your package! Ship7 is a solution for the stores that don’t ship internationally and the global shoppers who shop from different retailers and brands and ship them to your address at once. Ship7 opens up so many things to you! You will be able to shop from popular US online stores and ship your packages to trusted carriers at the lowest cost! Ship7 lets you access all the online stores, plus thousands of brands deliver to the UK.

Most Popular Brands That You Can Shop Overseas

Shop from the most popular brands and ship to the UK with the lowest shipping rates. There is no limit here. US, UK, and Turkish online stores are waiting for you to visit and shop from millions of products!

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