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We have been hard at work over the past few months to make the Ship7 process even better and you can see it all now on Ship7's new website. All of these changes have been implemented purposely so that the way that you use Ship7 for your shopping and shipping experience hasn't changed but hopefully should be even easier to use.

Thank you for choosing Ship7! We are glad to be a part of your shopping journey!

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Genesis of Thanksgiving Day in America

Celebrated in the US on the fourth Thursday in November every year, this year's Thanksgiving is falling on November 23, which follows the crazy day of bagging bargains with Black Friday following the day after, says The Sun report. Besides America, nations such as Canada, Puerto Rico, Grenada, and Liberia also observe Thanksgiving Day. In Canada, the national holiday takes place on the Monday of October, says the report.GenesisThe genesis of the event can be traced back to 1620, where pilgrims landed on American soil and settled in an area they named Plymouth, just south of where Boston is today, notes the report. Today, Thanksgiving is a public holiday in the US, which originated as the harvest festival. Unfortunately for those who'd immigrated, they settled in the beginning of what turned out to be a harsh winter, meaning rations were tight and times were hard. When spring came the Pilgrims went out to plant and grow their own crops and were helped by a Native American named Squanto.Squanto taught them how to fish and hunt as well as showing them how to plant corn, pumpkins, and squash. With these newfound skills, they were able to store up enough food to be sure that they would be equipped to face the harsh winter months. The grateful pilgrims invited the Native Americans to join them for a huge harvest feast which has since become known as Thanksgiving.

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Celebration GaloreThe tradition has continued for hundreds of years since and is celebrated with lots of delicious food and wine. A typical Thanksgiving menu consists of roasted turkey, roasted sweet potato casserole, and winter vegetables - a plate that resembles a British Christmas dinner. This is then topped off with a pumpkin pie with a walnut crust.Each year, the President of the USA "pardons" at least one turkey, which becomes the national Thanksgiving bird that's granted a reprieve from execution. This has been a long-standing tradition for decades. In New York City, there is an annual Thanksgiving Day parade. From 9.00 am to 11.00 am Eastern time, revelers can watch numerous floats and entertainers make their way through the bustling streets.Holiday SalesThanksgiving Day has now become the start of the frenzied holiday shopping. Only a handful of stores are open on that day offering heaving discounts. The stores that are opened on Thanksgiving Day and the timing includes Gamestop yet to be announced, Walmart 6.00 pm Thursday, Target 6.00 pm, Best Buy 5.00 pm, Khol's 6.00 pm, Macy's 5.00 pm, ToysRUs 5.00 pm, JCPenney 3.00 pm, Sears 6.00 pm, Kmart 7.00 pm, Bon Ton 5.00 pm, Old Navy 4.00 pm, Shopko 4.00 pm, Family Dollar, Modells Sporting Goods 6.00 pm, Dick's Sporting Goods 6.00 pm, Bealls Florida 6.00 pm, Goodys noon, Gordmans 5.00 pm, Walgreens 8.00 am, Five Below 6.00 pm, Maijer 6.00 pm, Stage noon, Michaels 6.00 pm, Belk 4.00 pm, Rite Aid, Gander Mountain 8.00 am, MC Sports 5.00 pm, Stein Mart 5.00 pm, Big Lots 7.00 am, Bass Pro Shops 8.00 am, Boscovs 6.00 pm and AAFES Exchange.

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Ship7 wishes you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving Day 2017!

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How to Buy a Laptop Internationally

Purchasing new devices is always overwhelming, and it brings many confusing thoughts. When you get to consider so many options and have to choose one of them, you might feel helpless and end up buying the wrong product for you.